‘It was like I was watching a horror movie’: Watch all of LeBron James’ post-game interview with the media

LeBron James, as his Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Washington Wizards 110-99 on Wednesday, was all smiles when asked about the game, which ended with him scoring 22 points.

The NBA legend, whose career has been defined by a penchant for the theatrics, was asked about his post-victory celebration, which was witnessed by an estimated 300,000 people around the world.

He responded: ‘That was like watching a movie.

I think it was really, really cool.

It was like you were watching a real movie, but that’s just a movie.’

James has been criticized for his postgame celebration during the last two seasons of the NBA Finals, but it was not widely seen outside the Cleveland area and even less in Washington, D.C., where his home team is based.

He has been in the spotlight before during the NBA playoffs when he took a knee to honor Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

James did not speak during the celebration and did not take questions from the media.

He also did not address the chants that greeted him as he left the court.

James was asked if he would have enjoyed playing the game at a higher level.

He said: ‘Yeah, I would have loved to play at that level, but I think that’s a question that I’m going to have to answer later.

It’s a great place to play.

We had great chemistry, a lot of good teammates, and we just had to do it.

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