How to mine graphite for electricity

Graphite is a material used in electronics, plastics and in solar cells.

But its potential as a renewable fuel has been questioned.

Now, however, researchers have found a way to produce graphite in an environmentally friendly way.

TechRadars’ Dave Smith reports.

The researchers say their technique, developed by researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley, can be applied to any mineral ore and produce a commercially viable graphite-derived product.

“We can now get a lot of high-value and valuable minerals into the market,” said study co-author David E. Gage, a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering at MIT.

Gage said that while a graphite ore could produce up to a million kilograms of graphite per year, it could be difficult to extract enough to meet the needs of the world’s growing energy demand.

To do so, Gage and his colleagues have developed a new process that uses a process called electrochemical oxidation.

Electrochemical oxidation is an advanced form of chemical reaction that can be used to convert the oxygen and carbon dioxide that are generated during this process to hydrogen.

This process can also generate oxygen and methane from the carbon dioxide, producing the energy needed to power a device or power a turbine.

By making a solution of graphitite powder, the researchers were able to convert an oxygen-rich solution into a carbon-rich one.

In their paper, they show that this process was as effective as the process of electrochemical reaction and produced a usable amount of graphitic carbon.

The researchers believe that the method will make it possible to use graphitic materials in the production of renewable energy sources such as batteries and solar cells, potentially opening up a new industry for this valuable material.

What’s more, they say that their process could also be used in other industries, such as for producing renewable fuels.

According to Gage in a press release, this process can be combined with electrochemical processing to produce a more energy-efficient fuel, such that the energy content of the final product is between one and six times higher than that of traditional graphite.

As an alternative to the conventional process, this method can be achieved without any significant modifications to the ore.

Gages team says that they hope to eventually develop this process into a commercially-available fuel.

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