Porsche, Bentley reveal new models with Prismacolor blue materials

By LUCAS ROBLES, Associated PressMADISON, Wis.

(AP) Bentley’s new Bentley Continental GTE is the first luxury car with a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) bonnet, which can withstand rough driving.

The Bentley Continental XF, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, is also the first car in the Bentley lineup with an all-new design that features a carbon fiber bonnet.

The carbon fiber is used to make up the carbon fiber on the new XF’s bonnet shell.

The XF is Bentley’s first carbon-filled SUV.

Bentley said its carbon-bodied XF will have a new “carbon-fibre bonnet” that can withstand rougher driving.

The company has been trying to get more people to embrace the idea of using carbon fiber for their vehicles for decades.

In the late 1990s, Bentley unveiled the Carbon X, a lightweight, carbon fiber-reinsulated SUV that would have been the first to use the technology.

It didn’t go on sale.

The XF was also a first to feature carbon fiber wheels, a design that is being phased out in the next few years.

Bentley said the carbon-fabric bonnet is now part of the interior of the XF.

“The bonnet of the Continental X is a product of Bentley’s commitment to delivering the ultimate performance in a lightweight yet lightweight design,” Bentley said in a statement.BENTLEY’S CUSTOMERS ARE BEING MADEUP BY COSMETICS”The company also announced a redesigned carbon fiber body on the X, with a new aluminum “bonnet” shell, which it said is lighter and stronger than its predecessors.”

This new carbon-finish shell is lighter, stronger, and more durable than previous models,” Bentley spokeswoman Lisa Miller said in the statement.”

Our goal is to continue to improve the way our customers look, feel, and drive the next generation of Bentley products,” she said.

The Continental X will be available in a limited number of colors, including black, silver, orange, and white.

Brent Brossard, a partner with the marketing firm Luxury Cars, said carbon fiber makes the car’s interior more durable.

The new carbon fiber shell on the Bentley Continental V. Bentleys Carbon Fiber Roof and Carbon Fiber Trim.

“It’s really great for your skin and your body. “

Carbon is the best material for the environment,” Brossards said.

“It’s really great for your skin and your body.

You want it to be as soft as possible and feel as smooth as possible.

That’s what we’re doing with this carbon fiber.”

Bentley’s next-generation carbon fiber seats are being developed by a German-based company called Carbon Fiber.

It’s designed to replace traditional foam and polyester and are expected to be available by 2021.

Benny Kornhauser, president of Bentley Motorcars, said in an interview that the company has “never been more excited about the future of carbon fiber, the carbon roof, the way we think about it.”

Bentles carbon fiber car body is being developed.

Diana Mazzocchino, Bentley’s vice president of design, said the new carbon roof and carbon trim were developed by Carbon Fiber to meet the company’s mission of “being the safest, most comfortable luxury car.”

“It’s going to be a premium quality product that’s going be built for the consumer and we have to make sure that it’s durable,” she told the AP.

“If you’re a car buyer, you want something that’s high quality, high performance and durable.

That means you want a car that can be driven at high speeds and high altitudes.”

Mazzocchi said the company had an “insider” that had done the carbon trim work and was able to “put the design together on the fly.”

The company says the new seats and carbon fiber material will be in production for 2021.

Bentley is working on its carbon fiber exterior.

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