Graphite Powder Walmart sells ‘Graphite Formula’ for $3,500

Posted September 05, 2018 06:03:03 A few months ago, the online retail giant Walmart unveiled a new “Graphite Powder” formula.

The product was the latest in a line of products from the online retailer aimed at promoting carbon-based products, which have long been criticized for their high prices.

The powder was launched as part of the Walmart Rewards program, which offers rewards points for purchases of certain items that include products that have been certified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The graphite powdered formula was made from a blend of graphite powders, called graphite nitrate, and graphite hydrocarbon, according to Walmart.

The formula was developed in partnership with a company called Graphite Formula LLC, and will be available for purchase starting next week, according the Walmart statement.

“This product is made with graphite to reduce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and it is designed to be a high-quality alternative to petroleum products,” the company said in a press release.

At Walmart, it’s not just the carbon-neutrality of the product that sells, but the fact that it’s affordable.

Amazon is also selling a carbon-negative version of the Powder Powder formula for $1,200, and a carbon fiber version of it for $2,500.

According to Walmart, the product can be used as an alternative to “premium carbon-containing petroleum-based petroleum products.”

“We hope that our products are a stepping stone for a world where a cleaner, greener world is possible,” said Walmart VP of Product Marketing Mike DeLuca.

A Walmart spokesperson declined to comment on the Powder Powders carbon-free formula.

It’s not the first time Walmart has experimented with carbon-friendly products.

In July, the company launched a “Carbon Blend” line of carbon-remineralized products.

These products use carbon-reducing ingredients, such as algae or seaweed, to help cut down on greenhouse gases, Walmart said.

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