What’s the difference between graphite and graphite-crystal?

By Mark McArdle/The Globe and Mail When it comes to diamonds, graphite is the stuff of legend.

In many ways, graphites are even more rare than diamonds.

They are usually found in places where diamonds have been mined.

But graphite has been found in a variety of different environments, including deserts, in tropical rainforests and rocky mountains, in the ocean and in icecaps.

But there are a few important distinctions that need to be made.

Graphite is made up of carbon atoms, which are arranged in a diamond structure called a cubic lattice.

The diamond lattice consists of a central point at which carbon atoms are arranged.

As the diamond lattices lattice expands, more carbon atoms and other carbon molecules are added to form a diamond.

When the lattice is complete, there are two separate pieces of carbon, one at each end of the latticework.

The amount of carbon in a graphite diamond is determined by a number of factors.

The length of the carbon atom’s carbon chain depends on the size of the diamond and the temperature.

The temperature determines how much heat it emits.

The number of carbon molecules in a given diamond is also related to the hardness of the diamonds carbon.

Hardness is a measure of how hard a diamond is.

For example, a diamond that is very hard, such as that made by the G-1 graphite mined by the Danube River Valley, can be quite hard.

On the other hand, a graphitic diamond that has a hardness of about 3 or 4 is very soft.

The more carbon molecules there are in a particular diamond, the harder it will be.

Graphitic diamonds are harder because of their high carbon content.

But they are also more durable.

They have a very long carbon chain.

In addition, graphitic diamonds tend to have a relatively high melting point, which means that they do not melt as easily as diamonds made from a pure carbon.

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